WordPress READER app on Windows Phone?

  1. I have an Android tablet and a Windows 8 Phone. My tablet is WiFi only and I don't always carry it around with me, so I rely on my Windows Phone as a backup for reading, be it news apps, eBooks, or Blogs. I have compared the Android WordPress app to the Windows Phone WordPress app and I am disappointed that the Windows Phone app does not have the Reader (or any of the other menu commands for editing Blogs I Follow, etc.) I would really like to see the Windows Phone WordPress app become as capable as the Android app. At this time, it only allows me to read comments on my own blog and add new posts to my own blog, but does not give me any of the other capabilities to Read and Manage the Blogs I Follow.

    When can we expect to see the Windows Phone WordPress app come up to par with the Android app?

    Thank you!

  2. Hi there, Sorry for the delayed response, you've been super patient! We are no longer developing or supporting the Windows Phone WordPress app. If you need mobile access to your WordPress, check out the iOS or Android apps.

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