"Media Upload Error" when attaching a jpg

  1. When I try to upload an image to my account on my server from my Windows Phone, I receive The following error: "Media Upload Error. Sorry, an error was encountered when uploading media. Would you still like to upload the post?"

    I've checked that the uploads directory has 777 permissions, is not starting with a /, and the OS version of my Windows phone is 5.5. I've also downloaded the Android app and successfully uploaded an image to the blog from there, so I know it is set up correctly for that.

    The really strange thing about this is that the image does get successfully loaded onto the server, it just fails to link to the post after that and the executable throws that error at me. However, it does not create any of the thumbnails that were created when the Android app successfully posted -- only the image itself gets uploaded.

    Has anyone encountered this, or is there anything else I can try to get it running? This issue uploading media only happens from the Windows Phone, it works everywhere else. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Take a look at the php error log (and to the server http error log). One of those files should contain the error message.

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