Can't record or publish from my Windows Phone 7 app

  1. Hi.

    When I downloaded wordpress app in my WP7 I could publish from the cel, but some versions ago I can't do it anymore.

    I write the text, insert photos, choose a category... but, when I finish doing all that stuff, I can only press the "record" botton and this botton neither records nor publishes anything, so I only use the app to view the blog and the statistics.

    It's sure I'm not seeing anything. Would anybody tell me what?

  2. Make sure the 'Post Status' field is set to 'Publish' before tapping the 'Save' button. Post status is available in the edit screen.

    One more question, did you change the password of your blog?
    If so, tap the 'Settings' button in the main screen and insert your new password.

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