Can't link app tp blog

  1. So I've donwloaded the WordPress App for Windows Phone 8. I first tried setting it up through blog hosted on separate site. But was told my url was wrong that it needed https or xmlrpc.php. But I don't see that address anywhere in my settings.

    I then tried add a blog hosted at Wrodpress and my username and password is called invalid.

    The funny thing is that I have one phone a broken Lumina 920 where its linked. I am now tringto link up a new 1020/

    Have tried to follow what they say in the faqs but when I take the following step:

    "Find the link,, and open into your browser. It should be resolved to an XML file."

    my website says page not found.

    I've also gone into Setting - Writing and the XML-RPC box is checked

    I am running 3.3.1

    Can someone help.

  2. Could you please test your site with the XML-RPC validator here

    If that doesn't help post here the URL of your blog, so we can take a look.

  3. Dan

    I put in my wordpress and it came back with not founf

    url is

  4. I suggest you to talk with your webmaster, or with the web hosting provider, since the file xmlrpc.php is not available in your installation of WordPress.
    That file needs to be available since mobile apps use it to connect to your blog.

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