App cutting text off from the post

  1. If I edit a post and save it, it crops the text to what is displayed in the box - so if I have text that the box doesn't show, it deletes it.

    It's done this twice now but thankfully I've been able to bring back the old text through the Wordpress revision save thing.

    Any ideas why it might be doing this. It's basically rendered the app un-useable because I can't even do a basic headline edit as it will delete most of the text when it posts!

  2. Long post cannot be edited with the app since there is a limit on how much text we can display in a UI element. It's a limit of the WindowsPhone platform, that clips UI element bigger than 2048x2048px, and we can't do much without rewriting the edit post screen from scratch by using custom UI element.

    In the meantime we have already fixed the issue about the deletion of text for long post. The patch is included in the next app release v1.9 that will see the light mid January.

  3. I don't know if this is related, but I don't see the text below the "more" tag in all of my posts.

    So unfortunately WP for Windows Phone is quite useless for me right now :/

  4. @warpdesign23 - The next update - Version 1.9.1 - that should see the light mid next week will fix the issue.

  5. @daniloercoli: Great! Thanks for the reply!

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